About Highland Title

Highland Title

At the start of 2007, amidst the beginning of the worst economic downturn and real estate meltdowns this country has ever seen since the Great Depression, Highland Title was created by Ricky Ragoobir; a seasoned veteran of the real estate industry. He has over 25 years experience. He worked his way up the real estate ladder in the 1980s and before opening Highland Title he worked for one of the largest title insurance companies on the East Coast. Ricky makes himself available to all of his clients 24/7, addressing all their issues and concerns, always in touch and on top of their transactions. Customer satisfaction is his priority.

Highland Title Insurance Agency is a full service title company providing searches, document recordings, research and insuring sales/refinances of: coops, condos, residential, commercial, and industrial properties in New York State. Highland Title strives to provide the best service, support and products to their clients and to anticipate the client’s needs and remain one step ahead to ensure satisfaction. Highland Title’s goal is to be hands-on, proactive in clearing files and making every transaction a clear, smooth, swift closing.


What sets Highland Title apart from the others is our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, finding solutions to the most challenging scenarios and closing transactions that others might find uninsurable, giving our clients the peace of mind that their transactions will be clean, clear and closed.